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  • REO Sales/Acquisitions
  • Pre-Foreclosure Advisory
  • Asset Valuation
  • Asset Management
  • Non-Preforming Loan Acquisition/Disposition
  • Consulting
  • Debtor/Creditor Workout



Newcor Commercial Real Estate Foreclosure Asset Services Team “F.A.S.T” represents lenders, banks, mortgagees, and Buyers in the disposition and acquisition of non-performing loans or REO commercial assets in the Southwest Region. For years our clients have depended on us to maximize liquidity and mitigate loss as a result of our track record of reliability and consistency in out-performing market conditions. Our proven systematic approach begins at the pre-foreclosure stage and continues through the ultimate sale and transfer/reposition of the asset.



Our vast experience and systematic process in the special asset and commercial REO markets provides us the knowledge to see commercial assets from the special assets phase through post-foreclosure disposition. We efficiently eliminate the learning curve related to seeking quality REO or foreclosed commercial assets and loans.


Newcor F.A.S.T. Team Experience:


Proprietary Approach

Our multi-tiered marketing approach has been perfected to package and market assets to a deep pool of qualified buyers all over the country ranging from end-users, investors, the brokerage community, and/or private and public capital sources. The Newcor F.A.S.T. team will customize a marketing program to best fit the applicable property. Our accelerated method of disposition focuses on quality cash buyers with a proven track record and financial wherewithal to guarantee a rapid closing. Newcor's F.A.S.T. team uses an extremely effective combination of web-trafficking, foot canvassing, cold-calling, professional e-marketing, internet promotion, e-mail campaigns and print advertising to maximize exposure to a large and growing pool of qualified buyers. Newcor’s F.A.S.T. team proven method of information sharing drives maximum exposure for our projects



Newcor’s F.A.S.T. team proprietary asset management and commercial foreclosure marketing approach ensures a seamless liquidation of the special asset while achieving a sales price at, or as close to current market economics as possible. Our objective is to enable our clients to hand off the file knowing that all the necessary details will be handled from commencement to conclusion. We appreciate the importance of our client's time and understand this specific asset may be one of many files they are overseeing. Thus, our in-depth experience will ensure a smooth transaction minimizing the necessity of our client's valuable attention.



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Managing Principal

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