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Newcor’s Krissie Vanyo was a guest on Great Day Houston to discuss her triumph over cancer.


This is Krissie’s second battle and defeat over cancer. She has been asked to be the voice of MD Anderson Cancer Treatment Centers to highlight her success story to other patients and survivors.

Krissie has been an inspiration to her family, friends and the entire Newcor team. Her great attitude and positive outlook should be a lesson to all. She never complained and handled herself with dignity and grace throughout the process.

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Purchasing Non-Performing Loans

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The Modern Day Version of the RTC?

The most recent downturn in the real estate market is not a new phenomenon. Just like the economy, real estate has always been cyclical. There have been several instances in history where debt flooded the market and drove up real estate development cost and pricing overall. Aside from the current real estate crash we are pulling out of, many people remember the crash of the late eighties and early nineties – The “Savings and Loan (S&L) Crisis” or “RTC (Resolution Trust Corporation) Days” as it is known. 

Not dissimilar to the current real estate downturn, the crash of the late eighties was caused by loose banking regulations and over-leverage. Our recovery out of the modern-day crash however, is different. 

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