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Newcor Sponsors 2021 Hope on the Green Golf Tournament

Hope on The Green 4.8.19 Newcor Team Sponsor

Pictured from Left to Right, Rob Banzhaf, Zack Wheeler, Ryan Dierker, David Alexander


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Types of Commercial Office Buildings

rsz 1types of commercial office buildings

Today's Tenant Rep Tuesday Tip topic: Types of Commercial Office Buildings

Commercial Office Buildings are broken down into three main building classifications: Class A, Class B, and Class C.

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Introducing the Dissect a Lease Series


Introducing our new mini series as part of our Tenant Rep Tuesday Tip, Dissecting a Lease.

Newcor will break down all the parts and components of a Lease to help you as a Tenant gain better insight and knowledge for the Lease you are signing.

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Newcor's 6-Step Leasing Timeline

6 Step Leasing Timeline

As part of our new knowledge based series, Tenant Rep Tuesday Tip, we dive into Newcor's 6-Step Leasing Timeline. 

As Newcor is representing you as the Tenant and Newcor as the Tenant Rep Broker - we guide you along each step of the process. Do note, during the overall Leasing Timeline there is overlap from one step to the next - not to worry though, Newcor ensures no detail or deadline is missed along the way.

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Introducing the Tenant Rep Tuesday Tip Series

Tenant Rep Tuesday Tip

We are proud to introduce our new knowledge based series: Tenant Rep Tuesday Tip

Each week will highlight and display tenant specific information for you to better grasp how the leasing process work and what all it means to be a tenant.

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