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5 Types of Industrial Buildings

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Today's Tenant Rep Tuesday Tip topic:5 Types of Industrial Buildings - DEFINED

Industrial buildings, sometimes referred to as warehouse buildings, may appear similar in a lot of aspects, however, there are unique defining characteristics as well as different uses for each type of industrial space.

We will further define the 5 types of industrial buildings including:

  • • Bulk distribution warehouses
  • • Manufacturing buildings
  • • Cold storage buildings
  • • Data centers
  • • Flex buildings

Bulk Distribution Warehouses

Warehouse buildings are typically used for storage and distribution, which means a minimal amount of office space is needed and the majority of the space is dedicated to storing products and inventory. 

Bulk distribution warehouses are ideal for tenants such as logistics and distribution companies who need to ship products to businesses and/or consumers.

Manufacturing Buildings

Some warehouse buildings are used by tenants with special requirements in mind, such as manufacturing, cold storage, and data centers.

Unlike bulk distribution warehouses, manufacturing buildings often have highly specialized infrastructure and finishes designed specifically for the tenant. 

Cold Storage Buildings

Another specialized warehouse building type is cold storage. Majority of cold storage facilities are single-user (or single-tenant) buildings built specifically for large national food distribution and manufacturing companies.

Data Centers

Data centers are another specialized type of warehouse buildings. Data centers hold rows of technology materials, such as computer servers, cabling, and telecommunications equipment.

Flex Buildings

Flex buildings are literal in their name - “flexible”. They offer a wide range of office and warehouse uses for tenants. They can fit the needs of tenants better than typical warehouse buildings. The flexibility provided by these buildings is ideal for a wide range of companies that need office space with a warehouse component. 

In summation, most industrial buildings have overlapping similarities, but it’s important to note the differences to find the best space for you as a tenant. 


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