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Office Move Check List

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Today's Tenant Rep Tuesday Tip topic: Office Move Check List

So you're moving offices... now what? Here's some tips to make the transition to the new office space and location as smooth as possible.

Moving an office can be a cumbersome task, but it doesn't have to be. To help ensure that your office move is as stress-free as possible we have put together a quick office move checklist that will help you stay on track and avoid costly mistakes. 


During Final Lease Contract Negotiations:

Choose your move-in day. Depending on how big your business is this may take more than one or two days. Be sure to schedule accordingly, and if you're unsure, budget more time than you think you need.

Once you've found a new place and negotiated your new commercial lease, be sure to give your landlord at least 30 days' notice. Review your existing lease for your company's specific contractual obligations.

Price moving companies: Spend some time getting quotes and availability from different companies; this will be one of the biggest moving expenses. Ensure your movers are bonded and insured. 

Finalize your build out plan: choose colors, paint and flooring

Order any new furniture you need

Call your phone/internet/cable companies; set a date for which the service will be switched over.

Evaluate your networking and computer needs, get wiring quotes if necessary.

Contact your insurance company to let them know about the move.

If you have a copier or other large electronic equipment, arrange for professionals to move it.


After Your Lease Contract Has Been Signed and Executed

Notify the post office of your move so that your mail is forwarded on time, and order or print change of address labels so that you can notify those that need to know of the move.

Order new letterhead, business cards, invoices and any other official company documentation that will need to have your updated address.

Get enough keys or access cards from your new landlord to assure that everyone who needs one will have one for moving day.

Order and/or make arrangements for any signage you’ll want on display at your new building or suite.

Notify customers, subscriptions, and vendors of your new address.

Order checks with your new address


While Preparing For The Move

Install phone lines and phone systems.

Take an inventory of your existing computers and furniture. Back up computers.

Pack up desks, cubicles and personal spaces, as well as common areas. 

Label and code furniture and boxes for each office.

Update your website with the new office address and contact information.

Get boxes, crates and packing materials.

Distribute new keys and access cards to those that need them before move in day, and collect old keys and cards to return to your landlord.

On Moving Day

Post your new address and directions on the door of your old office location.

Ensure the movers know where everything is going; if possible designate one person to be in charge of this or post coded signs letting them know.

By creating and sticking to a comprehensive moving checklist, you’ll ensure that the process is smooth and it will make for an easier transition for your company and your employees and keep the person who’s managing the move on track.

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