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What is a Lease Guarantee?

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Today's Tenant Rep Tuesday Tip topic: Commercial Real Estate Lease Guarantees, & How to Negotiate Commercial Lease Guarantees

What is a Lease Guarantee?

A lease guarantee is the official agreement signed by the landlord and tenant and serves as a mutual financial agreement regarding the tenant's financial responsibilities and the tenant’s defaults, which protects the tenant from eviction.

The purpose of the lease guarantee is to provide protection for both the landlord and tenant, which should be mutually beneficial for both the landlord and the tenant.

How to Negotiate a Lease Guarantee

Negotiating the lease guarantee can be beneficial to the tenant in the long term. 

This is Newcor's area of expertise.

Newcor's Tenant Representation services are prepared to walk you through each component of the lease guarantee before you sign. Newcor is prepared to review every component of the lease guarantee between the landlord and the tenant to ensure you as the tenant benefits before you even sign.

Contact our Tenant Representation team to find out if a Lease Guarantee will be the most beneficial for your company and your bottom line.


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